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Picture shows forest fire in the surrounding hills near Maracana Stadium during the opening ceremony in Rio.

I made a resolution that I would not be enticed into watching anything to do with the current Olympic Games tournament being held in Rio, Brazil. Why? Simply because this time around I don’t have the interest. Over the last few years when the tournaments were being held I did take an interest and watched many of the events on television but that interest, for this time at least, has waned. One problem arises having made the decision to avoid the event and that is no matter where I look I am bombarded with reminders or broadcasts relating to it. BBC Television covers the event on its channels and news programs as do other broadcasters. If I switch to the independent channels reminders are pushed through their advertisements. Most all media outlets give coverage of some sort. I have four basic email providers, AOL, Google, Yahoo and . Of these four two cover their home page with advertisements and news items which have to be by-passed to reach the mail, AOL and Yahoo. There seems to be no escape other than to switch off all electronic devices if I want to avoid watching reports, events and advertisements about the Games. As for reading material, newspapers and magazines, I never purchase them anyway so that much is a blessing but it just shows how difficult it has become to avoid anything in particular that one wishes to isolate one’s self from in these modern times. There is far too much pressure put on us all to conform in many areas of modern life and this is one of the main reasons I dislike today’s society. My argument has nothing to do with the Olympic Games per se, no, it is about the choices or rather the difficulties trying to make them. To be honest all I have to do is switch to another channel of course and that is what I will always do. I do watch athletics on the television occasionally but I also get bored if I watch too much of it. Some things I never get tired of watching, it’s all a matter of taste. The thing about the Games, the World Cup (soccer), golf, cricket and the many other sporting events which take place, all these things as well as non-sporting events like Christmas they are so much pushed down our throats by the media who squeeze every last drop of news out of them dragging the whole event on as much as they can. Then they will chat endlessly about the outcomes for weeks afterward. I would be happier if there was a dedicated channel for sport and some of the many other events in the world so that I wouldn’t have to try so hard to avoid them.

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