Another of the same?

Whilst writing this on Monday evening I am wondering if the coming week will be the same as the last one when I didn’t get a minute to myself during the working day. I say to myself that I am determined to work but a couple of hours each day and by and large I do that. However when the offers of work flow in like a stream and the work is simple I find it difficult to refuse. The jobs I have been getting are far from difficult and far from demanding of much physical involvement which makes them a very attractive proposition. Basically it is easy money. Of course my customers think the work is difficult and taxing but for anyone who has worked in the industry for quite some time as I have it all comes naturally. The only challenges I get are trying to work out how the electrician who did the original work did it the way it was done. Unorthodox methods of installation, though they work can be quite confusing to anyone following. I had a prime example of that today when I received a call from a guy who had taken it upon himself to replace two ceiling roses with new ones. Instead of making sure he recorded where each wire was connected, and there were many of them, he tried to do it from memory and failed. I went along and admittedly I was having a difficult time trying to sort out where each conductor should be connected. It was all because the two roses were interconnected but had been done in a very strange way. All the wires had to be traced to see which did what. It took me about thirty minutes before I finally got it sorted but it would only have taken ten minutes had the circuit been wired in an orthodox way. A job I worked upon on Friday had not been wired in accordance with the electrical regulations and that by a qualified and certified electrical contractor! It was easily remedied by the installation of a switched fuse unit into the circuit before I could add to the circuit, the job I had been called to do in the first place. These jobs don’t require physical exertion so are easy to do. The day had started with one job scheduled but the day ended after I had done four! I wasn’t tired but again I had no time for anything else. I placed an order online over the weekend for the delivery of 400 house bricks for the project I have started in the old vegetable plot between the patio and the garage.Plot 1

Plot 2

On Saturday I decided on a plan for the area I will henceforth call The Plot and began digging out the ground for the foundations I will need to build some walls. I only managed to do one section on the day making it ready for a concrete base to be poured on top before the wall is built. The remnants of one wall already exist just below the ground surface and can be built directly upon. It lies approximately beneath the white bag in the centre of the lower picture running parallel to the section of footings I did on Saturday a metre or so to the right. The house was built in 1877 in Victorian times and where the plot now stands there used to be outhouses for the house servants to work in. We think there was a toilet and a wash-house where the laundry may have been carried out though there is evidence in the cellar rooms  where that work may have been done. As a stable stood where the garage now stands on the extreme left of the pictures there may have been a store for horse fodder too. The rear of the stable was knocked down and the building extended to become the garage about 16 years ago by your’s truly! At that time I had to make footings for the concrete floor and I did all the brickwork and roofing timbers myself with no help from anyone. You can call me a Jill of all trades! It would be very interesting to see the plans for the house’s construction and I am confident they might still exist. In the meantime I await the delivery of bricks and hope I get the time to lay them!

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