Odd weather

We had been informed to expect high winds during Sunday and especially late that night. Sunday itself was bright and sunny for the best part of the day and yes, the promised wind did arrive making it uncomfortable to be outside if exposed to it. The wind got progressively stronger as evening approached so I made the decision to lower the flag. Now flags are supposed to be taken down overnight, that is according to tradition. I always wanted to have a flag flying outside my house but I wasn’t prepared to take it down every evening. I leave it there the whole 24 hours and only lower it if the weather, that is the wind is too strong. The advised wind speed maximum for flag flying I have been informed is 35 miles per hour after which the flag may be damaged. We were expecting winds of up to 43-45 miles per hour so the flag had to be taken down. I could have raised the flag on Monday morning as the weather had turned dramatically for the better but I left it until the evening. It is unusual to have weather of this kind in the UK during August though as you now know not impossible. Today, Tuesday as I write this in the morning, it is fine and sunny and with a slight breeze, ideal for working in the garden as I had planned. However a short while ago I received a request for my electrical services once again and I will be attending to that shortly. The house I am to work in is not much further than a half mile away and shouldn’t take me long to do. I will then hopefully get some time to start digging in ‘The Plot’ (see previous post). Those plans might have been shipwrecked had other calls come in or if the weather once again turned foul but fortunately they weren’t. I didn’t do too much as I wasn’t feeling up to it but I managed to expose the hidden wall and dig out the ground between what I had laid a few days ago and that hidden wall and fill it will hardcore. You can see the small section I refer to just right of centre in the middle of the picture. The hidden or buried wall runs from the back wall at centre top of the picture to a spot marked by a brick in the centre of what is shown of the small wall at the bottom right of the picture and beneath those large root balls lying on the ground. Click on picture to magnify and again for a real close-up. Plot 3Those root balls have been there for quite some time waiting for them to dry out so that we can cut them up to give to our neighbour who has an open fire in her lounge. We have often given her logs and the remains of branches we have lopped off overhanging trees and she stores them as fuel for use during the colder months. You might have noticed that some of those roots have already been cut and are lying alongside the wall on the footpath on the left of the picture. All I need now is some materials to mix the concrete and if all goes well I should be able to do that this week. Next job will be building the walls. For some time now I have been considering installing a lamp-post in the corner of the garden behind the ‘mound’. Obviously that will require a cable run and control gear. I already know what I plan to do if and when I get around to it. Watch this space as they say.

Shirley Anne


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