Maybe Friday

That would be yesterday as you read this and as I write on Wednesday afternoon it has just begun to rain. Since exposing the hidden wall in ‘the plot’ and doing a little digging on Tuesday I have done no more work there but maybe I’ll get the opportunity on Friday. Thursday was forecast as a miserably wet and windy day but Friday everything would change. I have just returned indoors after moving 400 house bricks from the front drive to the rear of the garage, not the garage behind which stands the plot but the one in which I park my van. The minute I had finished and swept the drive it began to rain. Good timing or good fortune, either way I benefited. Bricks That is a handy concrete base and has been used to temporarily store all sorts of things on it over the years. It actually forms part of the garage floor and the wall you see was originally to be built further forward. However because there is a drain grid behind the wheelie bin the whole wall could not have been built further out. The easier option at that time was simply to build the wall as shown. That work was carried out in 1989 or 1990 by my late father-in-law and his friend also now departed. The whole garage was built by them. I was responsible for building the other garage, that is extending what was already there, a small stable. If you’ve been reading my posts for a few years you will have read about my other building projects with bricks, mortar and concrete. What makes you think I like bricklaying? I ordered the latest batch on Friday last week and they were supposed to be reclaimed common bricks but they sent me new bricks though of a lesser quality. They are one-third holes and not solid as I imagined! For the application it doesn’t matter too much but I will have to ensure the holes get completely filled as I lay them to give the walls more strength. Out of the 400 only two were delivered broken and you can see them being used to hold down the temporary plastic cover which will keep them dry until they are needed. If you click on the picture and the click on it again you should be able to see the holes in the two bricks at the rear. Anyway for the time being I need to concentrate on laying the concrete base and I’ve got the feeling that the weather this coming week will not be all sunshine and dry. It may take me therefore some time to make much progress. I’ll have to try to keep my electrical work for rainy days!

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