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So many times I have said to myself and others that now I am in my 71 st year I am limiting my workload but increasingly I find myself breaking this promise. My main problems are that I enjoy my work and I don’t like to let people down. Of course there is a limit even so, I won’t be persuaded to work when I know I’ve had enough. On Thursday I had one electrical job scheduled and after a day’s break from work on Wednesday I was ready to get active again. It would take me around two hours to complete and I could drive back home. About an hour into the work I received another call from a lady not living too far from my house asking if I could do a small job for her so as such I agreed. I had just finished the first job and one of my regular customers asked if I could fix a problem with her lights. I couldn’t let her down but the work took me further away from home. I had it done in a few minutes before driving homeward and stopping at that lady’s house to do her little job. However whilst driving there I received yet another call asking for help with faulty lighting switches. I agreed to go there after I had done the lady’s work. Finally I was able to drive home but I needed to fill my van’s tank with diesel. My eldest son had called to the house but found no-one was at home. E was out shopping as by now it was three o’clock. I was ten minutes from arriving home so he waited. He is a keen cyclist and he wanted to collect one of the bike frames he stores in our cellar because he wanted to work on it. These bikes are not the run of the mill road bikes most people might buy but they are specialist built and cost a pretty penny to have repaired. That is why he wanted to do the work himself. By three-thirty he had left and I was about to have something to eat having missed my midday meal but I got another call to a house twelve miles away where they had lost all power.

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Rather than drive all that way to fix the problem I tried to talk the customer through a possible solution over the phone but it all fell on deaf ears. Some people just won’t attempt to solve an electrical problem even if it only involves switching on a tripped circuit breaker. They seemed not to be able to get anyone else to help so I drove there. There was no power at their circuit breaker board so I checked the supply compartment on the other side of the wall on the outside of the house where the meter was located and there was an RCD unit in there which had tripped. I switched it on and all was back to normal. They told me that one of their freezers had become faulty so they unplugged it from the outlet and that is what had tripped the RCD . It cost them £40 for my call-out but they gave me £50. They could have done it themselves and saved the cash. £40 is my minimum charge for any work I do. Now although I had done five jobs on Thursday none of them were difficult but it’s the driving around that wears me out. I finally finished for the day at five o’clock having started at eight-thirty and no break for lunch. After my evening meal my eldest son returned asking if I could assist him to remove the pedal bearing assembly as it was to be replaced. However it had become damaged as he had tried to remove it with a special tool for the job. We had to come up with an alternative method to remove it. It took some time but we managed to free it. Now at least he can fit the new parts without the added cost for labour. It was now eight o’clock in the evening and I had little time for anything else.

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