Friday off

After another full working week I was determined to take Friday off so that I could get started in earnest of my latest garden project which is to vamp up the are we now lovingly call the plot. If you’ve read my earlier posts you will know what I am writing about. Not only was I hoping to mix and lay the concrete topping on the footings for the proposed walls I wish to build but I was hoping the weather would stay fine as Thursday was a day of wind and rain. Friday as it turned out presented the ideal conditions for the work I was to do. I always expect phone calls when I am in the middle of doing something and Friday morning while I was working I got one. It was from an old lady who was desperate to have her doorbell circuit working as it had gone faulty. She could hear the concrete mixer in action and apologised for interrupting me. I explained that if she wanted me to do the work it would have to be later in the afternoon. She was insistent that I should pay her a visit but I will explain more further in this post. It takes some time to get organised when doing building work. First I had to get out the mixer and it’s stand and take them near to where I was working. There is a power outlet on the wall just beyond the bench in this picture where I could plug the mixer lead into. This picture was taken a couple of years ago before I carried out the alterations to the patio.Mixer 2  Then I had to fetch the gravel, sand and cement. The cement is stored in the cellar room where the boiler is located in order to keep it dry. Fortunately that room is the one whose door leads directly into the garden. The other building materials are kept in the main garage. Finally I gathered all the tools I would need, brush, shovel, spades, wheelbarrow, hose pipe and such things as a spirit level and timber. I had to construct a wooden retaining wall before I could pour any concrete but it didn’t need to be anything fancy which was just as well for I had only off-cuts of various timbers anyway. It took two full mixer loads and another half load to finish the work.Plot 4   As you might have noticed the sun was about to shine down on the plot from the south. It was one o’clock. It would shine down for a further four hours or more on the plot and the patio next to it. I cleared everything away to return indoors for lunch at one-thirty. I went to fix the lady’s doorbell circuit a little after two o’clock. I was greeted by herself and a gentleman friend. He was evidently just that, her friend. Her husband had passed away within the last two years and I could see that she would be helpless without her friend. Why do I say that? She was what you might call highly strung and excitable, she was also very nervous and inattentive to anything I said regarding the fault. The bell itself hung in the hallway and three door push switches controlled it, one at the rear of the house and two at the front. It was the two at the front which didn’t work. I had to replace one of them. I traced the fault to a joint beneath the carpet and in the corner of the door frame. I had to roll back the carpet and remove the carpet grippers to get at it. Awkward wasn’t in it and one of the wires was extremely short! Somehow I got them all reconnected and everything was fine. The reason she had insisted the work be done immediately was because as she explained she was expecting a friend travelling up from Shropshire to visit for a few days! I couldn’t see the connection but as I explained, she was rather highly strung. She was overjoyed that I had taken the time from my day off to do her job though.

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