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I got up early on Saturday morning so that I could be in town around nine o’clock. I pretty much hate being in town when it gets crowded later in the morning and for the rest of the working daytime hours. I have never liked crowds but of course they are unavoidable sometimes. It is worse when out shopping I think though I’m sure not everyone feels that way. As for shopping, well I have to admit I am not over keen but do prefer shopping for clothes rather than groceries. My visits to town are infrequent as you might have guessed and on this rare occasion it wasn’t to buy clothes. My main reason was to visit a couple of banks in order to deposit some cash, £1,000 in one and a mere £50 in another. I have to say at this point that I don’t usually walk around with that much cash in my purse. As it turned out the banks were my last ports of call. The other reasons for being in town were to purchase toiletries, cosmetics and a pair of slippers (that is indoor low-heeled slippers for my friends in the USA). That meant three different shops for although I could have bought the toiletries in the same place as the cosmetics they are less expensive in another store. Toiletries included toothpaste, mouthwash and moisturizing cream of which I use a lot and as far as I know it can only be purchased in the one store where I live. I buy some cosmetics in a store and some in the local indoor market. The lipsticks I buy in a store.

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I needed some more lipstick and my usual brand and shade were not available and I asked the assistant if they had stopped selling it. The answer was that some shades were no longer stocked because they are trying to promote the sale of another of the same manufacturer’s products. The lipstick I usually wear is  Maybelinne Super Stay which supposedly lasts 24 hours. It doesn’t and only will if  you don’t eat or drink! The new product is a matte lipstick which, according to the assistant, is supposed to last longer because it is matte. I bought a few and will try them out. I love wearing make-up and feel quite naked without it. I next bought the pair of slippers before going to the banks and that was it, finished shopping for a few more weeks. E buys in the groceries by the way! Whenever I shop in town I usually park my vehicle a half-mile outside and walk in the rest of the way to avoid parking charges. After I got home had sorted myself out I put on my boots and went into the garden to do a little more work in the plot…..Plot 5

I removed the shuttering and levelled the ground in the middle of the concrete base, filling it with some hard-core. More hard-core will be put there once the walls are built in order to aid drainage of the soil that will be in there.

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