Just about the same

Wednesday was much the same as it was on Tuesday but this day I arose even earlier. I was attempting to make the most of the coolest part of the day in order to make progress on the Plot. I started the work a little after eight and ceased work at two, that is six hours, enough for anyone my age. I had run out of materials having used all that I had purchased a few days ago. I was left with less than a half a bag of cement which was plenty enough to continue with except that I had almost no sand left. Mixing mortar requires both of course. I am using a harder mortar mix than others might use. I am using three and a half measures of sand to one of cement which results in a harder mortar. others might use a ratio of four to one and four and a half to one but that is too soft for my liking. Of course if the mix is too hard problems arise because of its resulting brittleness. So far then the work looks like this….Plot 8

I planned to have seven courses and so far almost six have been done with a little of the inside walls started. It is to be a double-brick construction to withstand the pressure of the soil that will fill it. There are no drainage slots because water will be able to drain through the base into the general mass of ground surrounding the construction. So it was another late lunch and then a little relaxation out on the patio while the weather allowed it. I could have spent the remainder of the afternoon purchasing more sand and cement but I decided against it however I had a call from an old lady asking if I would connect her new cooker to the supply. I had been on the patio a half-hour. I did the job and called into the electrical store before returning home. It was time to water the gardens again. In this weather they need watering each day especially the new plants I have planted recently. Until they are well established they need that extra watering. Depending on my electrical work I am not sure when I will be able to next work in the Plot but I have to purchase the materials beforehand.

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