Summer baking

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They baked up into a wonderful tender and flaky scone! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As usual I rest on Sundays, that is I rest from the work, my usual occupation throughout the week I might do other things instead but I wouldn’t call them work, more like hobbies or leisure activities. Mowing the lawn could be an example, it is basically going for a walk whilst pushing a mower! Seriously though I would count baking or cooking meals not really work unless they were a part of my normal work during the week. If for example I were a chef or cook or ran a bakery business I would consider doing the same things on Sunday to be work and not leisure. So it was I found myself gazing out of the kitchen window and looking around the garden and wondering what I could be doing with the day. Work wasn’t an option. I had been cooking fresh pears and preparing a meal and was washing the crockery and pans by hand as I usually do . Although we have a dishwasher I seldom use it. I started thinking about baking cakes, something I had been doing a lot of through the colder months, more of a comforting pleasure than anything else. Sunday wasn’t a particularly warm and sunny day though it wasn’t cold, it was the wind which made being outside less inviting. It felt more like Autumn than Summer and staying indoors was at times preferable. Usually I don’t bake much during the warmer months but I decided whilst the midday weather was trying to improve I would bake a cake. However I changed my mind and took the easier option of baking some scones instead. I hadn’t lost the touch but still had to refer to the cookery book to remind myself of quantities and temperatures. If I am baking often naturally I remember how much of each ingredient to use though even so I have to double-up as I tend to make twice the number of scones or make a cake twice the size. I had one of the scones soon after they were baked and just as E entered the kitchen. Funny how she turns up when the baking is done but then I do bake nice things.

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