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One thing I have always maintained is that I couldn’t sit in an office all day long to earn a wage. Although office work might suit some people it certainly doesn’t and never has suited me, I like to be out and about being somewhere different each day. The occupation I chose has provided me with the freedom over the years and even when I was fixed in one location many times and for many months on construction sites and large commercial projects there was still that flexibility and freedom. I once worked as a maintenance engineer for twenty-one years and that job came close to keeping me in one place but even then there was freedom of movement as it was a large complex. Since working for myself these last nineteen years I have enjoyed considerable freedom of movement and of choice of work. It has given me the freedom to allow myself time off whenever I feel the need too. I had a non-planned full day at the office so to speak on Monday. Monday wasn’t really a pleasant day weather-wise until later in the afternoon. I had one job scheduled for the morning which took me up to ten-thirty and then I drove off to call into the service station where I have my van repaired and tested. Last Saturday on returning home from work I found I couldn’t switch off my van’s lights. If I opened the door to get out an alarm sounded but then stopped once the door was closed. I got out to see what would happen but found the lights still remained on. If I switched the column stalk switch to the ‘on’ position and went through the process once more the lights turned off after a minute. It needed an auto-electrician to look at it.

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Even though I have worked on many electrical systems motor vehicles is one area I gave a wide berth over the years. I have never been that interested in vehicle maintenance and only have a basic knowledge of motor vehicle circuitry. These days much of the circuitry is now computer controlled anyway. Unfortunately my service station don’t employ an auto-electrician at their premises but the gave me an address of one who lives and works locally. I drove there and the guy had a quick look and booked my van in for the next morning. As I write this on Monday evening I cannot say what has been the outcome. Whilst there it rained heavily and continued for the next hour or so with more bursts until the early afternoon. It was lunchtime so I prepared and ate lunch and then decided I would do some preparation work so I could carry on with the bricklaying on my project on the Plot on Tuesday which supposedly was going to be a fine day together with Wednesday. I had just begun to move the remainder of the bricks. about two hundred of them, close to the Plot itself when my phone rang. Ir was a call for help from a regular customer. Part of their kitchen wiring had an intermittent fault and they could hear the sound of arcing beneath the kitchen units. I had done work in their kitchen a couple of years ago to put right part of the installation which had been done by her husband who had then abandoned her and went to live elsewhere. The final part of that installation needed rewiring on its own circuit but at that time there were no funds available. I arranged it to still function at a lower capacity by connecting it temporarily through a plug thus limiting the current to 13 amps. The lady was to call me when she was ready for the rewire of the circuit to take place. She didn’t call and the temporary arrangement finally gave way because she was making too many demands on the plug. I made the repair. She really ought to consider getting the circuit rewired. I returned home and managed to get  the bricks moved and some groundwork done too before calling it a day. It was time for my evening meal already!

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  1. I’d love to have the freedom you do! I’m currently stuck in an office job and building towards being able to support my family while working from home; it’s always been my dream so fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you for commenting. Working from home ought to give you the freedom and flexibility you seek so I hope your dream comes true. I have reached that stage in life where I find myself at home more often when once I was unable to do so.

    Shirley Anne

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