Something’s missing

English: Dangerous sunbathing.
Dangerous sunbathing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t often write about nothing. If there is nothing to write about I cannot write it can I? Well Sunday started off a little dull. It had been raining overnight but the clouds, though not emptying their load upon us, hung threateningly overhead until finally at around lunchtime they had to give way to the sun. from then on the day was bright, warm and sunny. When the weather is like this I like to be outdoors in it. It matters not that I have nothing to do, it is just where I want to be when the sun is out. However, I am not a person who can simply spend all my time soaking up the sun and in fact I don’t like lying about under the sun’s rays too long, that is sunbathing as some people do. When I think about people who spend a lot of time sunbathing it reminds me of having to repeatedly turn a piece of meat when cooking it so that it doesn’t burn! I suppose that is why sunbathers do the same thing. So I did go out onto the patio for a short time and yes, I did sit in the bright sunshine for a while but it didn’t last. My problem apart from the fact that I don’t want to get burned by the sun is that I am restless. I simply have to move about, even if it is somewhat aimless. Most of the time on Sunday was spent assessing the work I hopefully would be doing the next day in the Plot. I stand there mulling things over in my mind, planning this and that and making decisions about how I will tackle the work. If I wasn’t doing that I was walking about the garden picking out the odd weed. As I was sitting on the patio I noticed the plants on my neighbours side of the tall wall that separates us where moving and it wasn’t the wind for there was very little of that. Then I heard gasps and groans so I hopped onto the patio wall and was able to peer over to see what was afoot. I saw my neighbour struggling to cut the tops off the ┬átall plants growing there. My neighbour has health problems and has difficulty breathing if she exerts herself too much. I called to her and asked if I could do the work for her. It would only take me a couple of minutes to do the work. She thanked me and allowed me to do it for her. At the same time I applied some weed killer to some plants growing out of the cracks in the wall a short distance away. She asked how I was getting along with my little project so I invited her to come and see. It had been a couple of weeks since she last came into the garden and she was impressed by the amount of work I had done in the interim. She didn’t stop long but spent a little time chatting with E before she returned home. So it was Sunday and my day of rest but with nothing to do except help a neighbour I was admittedly bored stiff! Something was missing and I waited impatiently for it to become Monday.

Shirley Anne