The waiting game

The Waiting Room (2011 film)
The Waiting Room (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know about you but I hate being kept waiting for anything. I get impatient when I have to rely on others who don’t have the same sense of urgency in their service to me. It could be anything, the doctor’s surgery, the dentist’s waiting room, any waiting room in fact. Worst of all is when I am on time but am kept waiting nevertheless. One of the worst offenders are the airports, ‘Flight number so and so has been delayed and is now expected to depart at’, how annoying when you have made the effort to arrive two hours early as is often suggested! I am a now person, I like to see things happening when I expect them to. I don’t want delays and excuses, I want definition and reliability and a little consistency doesn’t go amiss. In my work as an electrician I arrive at the agreed time and am only ever a little late if something unexpected happens, a traffic accident or hold-up for instance. I am invariably early for my appointments but even so being unexpectedly stuck in traffic can eat up the extra time I allow to get anywhere. I tell my customers that I will arrive on or about a certain time and I do. Waiting for others can be a pain. If I am expecting a delivery of some sort I like to know at least which half of the day it might arrive. ‘We will deliver on Tuesday but it will be up to the driver as to when we arrive’ is no good for it means I have to potentially wait in all day. If they can say the delivery will be in the morning or in the afternoon it is far better but even so the waiting is unbearable for me. I know I cannot expect service at precise times when too many factors can upset plans. Speaking of Tuesday, I was expecting the delivery of a dozen 3 x 2 (feet) paving slabs from my local merchant because I couldn’t carry all that weight in my little van, not all at once anyhow. I was told that the delivery would be made on Tuesday but at no specific time. This is a prime example of a poor service for me. They did arrive and were delivered at  3 o’clock. By three thirty I had moved them all the approximate distance of 40 metres through the garage to the rear of the other garage where they are to be laid in the Plot. They each weigh in the region of 65 to 70 Kg. needless to say I used a trolley! They are remarkably easy to manipulate as long as you know how to do it. Hardly any effort was required which was just as well because I was a little tired. Many things now are ordered on-line and deliveries are most often made the next day but the time of delivery is not always given which again means hanging around and not being able to get on with other things. As for the delivery of those paving slabs, I was prevented from doing any work in the Plot because I wouldn’t be able to hear the doorbell ring or the wagon arriving. The Plot is too far away from the front of the house. I suppose I shouldn’t complain at the opportunity to rest a while but that isn’t me, I like to get on with things. Sometimes I wish I was as laid-back as some are. E is a little like that, she never seems in a hurry to do anything. her motto would be it is better to arrive late than not at all whereas mine would be it is better not to arrive late and let people down.

Shirley Anne