It was a funny week, a bit like a sandwich week, a week where my electrical work was done at each end and where my domestic project was done mostly in the middle. Friday though was a bit of a sandwich day itself. In the morning I had an electrical job and later in the day another one and in between I worked on my project, redesigning the Plot. With September’s arrival came more rain so I had to plan my outside work accordingly. The week has been dedicated mainly to the construction of steps and on Friday I had to mix and lay some concrete for the second of the steps having done the first step on previous days. It was important that I got the concrete laid as early as possible in order to give it time to set in case I wanted to finish the step on Saturday. So off I went to the first electrical job and was back home before ten o’clock when I set about doing the concrete. It was whilst I was doing that when I got the request to do the other electrical job which I arranged to do after lunch. Having done the concrete I had to cover the area with some plywood sheets because rain had been forecast late on Friday and into Saturday morning. Plot 18It actually arrived around 9 o’clock in the morning and carried on for the afternoon. Ordinary concrete will not set properly if it doesn’t get the chance to dry out first. Once set I could lay the paving slab on top on a cushion of mortar the following day. Rain however would continue to fall until the afternoon according to the forecast so if I wanted to lay the slab it would have to be late in the afternoon. I have taken every opportunity possible to plod on with the work but it is slow progress. That doesn’t really matter as I have no deadline to meet and the enjoyment I get is from doing the work itself and not in rushing and pushing it along. For anyone not familiar with building and construction and what is entailed in carrying out such work you would be forgiven for not knowing how hard it can be. In my posts it may seem that everything is quite simple and easy and perhaps I have been taking too long doing the work but I assure you it is very taxing. What surprises me is the fact I am still able to do it! It looks as though this week may be warmer and brighter at least for a few days so I will try to make the most of it.

Shirley Anne