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The weather forecast for Saturday was rain for most of the day. Any work I might want to do outside would have to wait until late in the afternoon when it was supposed to become dry. I had gotten up early and before breakfast I went out into the garden with a tape rule to measure something but first I checked the concrete I had laid the day before. It was solid but obviously still ‘green’. I had placed a cover over it whilst it set and decided to leave it covered until the rain had ceased. What was I measuring you might ask? On Friday I received an email from a company who sells among other things, street lighting posts. I had been making inquiries with a view to purchasing one for the rear garden but they had none of the type and size I wanted in stock. I chose to wait and they would send a message when they became available, the email was to inform me of that. I immediately ordered one online. This is the one I chose.victorian_lamp_post_set_2.26m_1

With a discount voucher but with the added cost of delivery the cost would be £319. I have at the time of writing on Saturday no date for the delivery. As Saturday was going to be wet I could do no work at least during the morning so I decided to pay a visit to the electrical supplier and purchase the materials I would need to install the lamp-post when I could get around to doing it. It will also require that I build a concrete base on which to stand it. The concrete mixer will need to stay out a little longer! The tape rule was to measure the length of cable I would need to reach the proposed lamp-post position which turned out to be a little under 19 metres. The cable I am using is pvc steel wire armoured which will be small enough to be almost invisible when I install it beneath the capstone where they overhang on top of the wall. The other materials included a weatherproof box in which I will put a control switch (for isolation only) and a weatherproof connection box where I will connect the cables and the wiring to the photo cell unit which will control the light. The photo cell could not be purchased over the counter so I have been trying to source one online. A few years ago I bought one to control the light in the front porch. It is a special unit which switches on at dusk, off at midnight, on a few hours later and then off again at dawn. It takes a few days to settle down and adjust the switching times more accurately and it will enable the light to remain off during the early hours of the day. In the meantime I have work to continue with on the Plot as long as it isn’t raining. The rain did ease off for about thirty minutes in the afternoon so I took the opportunity to mix some mortar by hand as it was quicker for such a small amount and I managed to lay the second paving slab and recover the area before the rain resumed. I wanted to lay some bricks on its rear edge as I had done with the first step but hadn’t enough time because of the rain. Here are two shots taken on Sunday morning.Plot 19

Plot 20

It would be Monday before I could do any more work at home but I had two electrical jobs scheduled, one small one and the other not so small which would scupper the idea.

Shirley Anne