Days off

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I decided to do no work……..that is electrical work! I wanted to concentrate on getting things done at home on my projects. I say projects for there are now two I am working on, both in the garden. The first as you all know is my redesigning of the Plot and the other is making a start on the lamp-post project. The weather forecast promised three or four days of warm and dry days so I had to make the most of them whilst I could. I had done a couple of electrical jobs on Monday which left me rather exhausted but after a solid night’s sleep I was ready to work on Tuesday. It was a little uncomfortable on the day for it was humid but I persevered and started by preparing the footings for the final step on the Plot and then laying concrete. It would be set by Wednesday morning and would allow me to lay the paving slab on it. Here are the two pictures



Once I had that done I went across the garden to a spot in the long flowerbed which faces the rear of the house. I had planted two shrubs there a few weeks ago but the area to their left was overgrown with Montbretia plants which I intended to remove when I had the time and before their leaves died back.long-flowerbed-3 As long as the soil is loosened they are easy to pull out. I wanted to fill the area with the soil I had dug out in preparing the base where the lamp-post will stand. I managed to clear the area of the Montbretia but there were two wheelbarrow loads to dispose of in the wheelie bin! There are more Montbretia plants further along the bed which I will remove later. You may notice the variegated holly tree being supported by a long length of bamboo.The tree had been surrounded by other trees and was being choked by them. As I didn’t want these other trees because they spread themselves by putting up more shoots I removed them some months ago. I wrote about it in a post at that time. The holly is slowly being trained to grow more upright and is already beginning to fill out.
So I dug out the area where the lamp-post will stand and filled it with hard-core before topping it with concrete.lamp-post-base-1

I was ready for lunch by this time and as I wasn’t going to do any more work on my projects for the day I put everything away. After lunch at 2 o’clock I spent a little time resting on the patio but decided the lawn needed mowing again. So I did it as it only takes about twenty minutes with the petrol mower. Just as I had finished I received a request for my electrical services. I accepted the work and scheduled it for Friday. It would be about three to four hours work and would probably be the only work I would be doing that day.

Shirley Anne