Although I had taken Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for myself in order to make inroads on the Plot project Thursday morning turned out very wet and I was unable to get started until after ten o’clock. E was off out for the day visiting a trade fair or something, I didn’t ask. A couple of times each year she will go to these functions with one or two of her group members to seek items they can raffle for charity. She always takes along a small suitcase of the type with wheels and an extending handle. It goes with her empty and gets filled during the day! I was more interested in getting my work underway. There would be no mixing of mortar or concrete, no chiselling out of old bricks or anything of that nature though because I wanted to concentrate on other things. I didn’t wear overalls but I did put on my trusty ‘toe-tecter’ wellies. They have steel caps to prevent damage to toes should any heavy object fall on them though you cannot see the caps as they are covered in the rubber construct of the boots. I needed to wear wellies because I would be walking about on wet soil part of the time. My first task was to empty the contents of the compost bin out on to the floor then temporarily transfer it to the yellow industrial bag you see in this picture. industrial-bags

The compost bin stood where the white bag now stands. That bag is now filled with the soil I removed from the Plot but only that soil on the left in this picture. You can see the grey-coloured compost bin standing in front of the water-butt in the same picture. Eventually it will stand between the water-butt and the rear of the flowerbed and against the rear wall. It will then be refilled with the contents of the yellow bag. plot-25

It all looks pretty level but in fact it isn’t, that is wasn’t when the picture was taken. I had just about finished for the day as it was now after one o’clock and time for lunch when the heavens opened and we had a torrential downpour of rain. It was so heavy it reminded me of the tropical storms I have experienced when in the tropics. Like those storms it didn’t last too long but it kept me pinned in the small passageway behind the garage, just to the bottom left in the picture above. Below is an old picture of the passageway taken before the first steps to the Plot were constructed.067

Handy place to dash if it suddenly pours down with rain! After lunch it was so bright and sunny I spent a little time on the patio relaxing. Two hours later and it went cloudy again ready for the overnight promise of more rain. I would be doing electrical work on Friday and whilst writing this I received another call for electrical work which I scheduled for Monday. That meant a few days rest from the Plot unless the weather was nice on Saturday.

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