Friday was electrical work day but though my intentions were to only work a few hours I ended up working in the afternoon too. I went to the next town basically to replace six ceiling lights with new ones and to assess the possibility of moving a power outlet. That didn’t materialise, the power outlet move that is but I did change the lights. Most times changing light fittings or fixtures presents no real problems but it appeared I had struck unlucky on this occasion. One of the lights was extremely easy to change but the other five were far from easy for one reason or another. Eventually I finished the work by twelve-thirty and drove back home. It was two o’clock before I could sit down to eat lunch but during the meal someone called asking if I could sort out a problem regarding a ceiling light. Evidently the caller had attempted to replace the fitting himself but had become confused by the number of cables he had to connect and couldn’t get the light to work. In the process he had caused other lights on the circuit to fail too. An easy task for an electrician to solve so I told him I would call there as soon as I had finished my lunch. His house was not only in the same town from which I had just returned but it was in the same road as the previous job too and only a few doors away! If only he had called me sooner! I often get called to places from which I have just returned and it is very annoying as most of the time they’ve known the work needed doing and could have called me the night before so that I could arrange my day and fit them in. In this particular case though the guy had only decided to work on his lights that morning and didn’t realise he would need assistance. My next electrical work would be on Monday so it left Saturday free for me to do some work on the Plot and for once the weather forecast for that day was favourable. ┬áMost unusual!

Shirley Anne