I must have used tons or even tonnes if you prefer metric measurements of sand, gravel and cement over the years. I have often thought about keeping a record of purchases, not as a whole but for each job I undertake. Somehow I never seem to get around to doing it. It would be interesting to calculate the cost for each job simply as an exercise. I don’t count the cost but allow an approximate amount of funds to carry a job out, in other words I make a rough estimate.

Cement mixers
Cement mixers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would never tackle a project if I didn’t think I had the funds to carry it out. On my latest project, that is the building work in the Plot, I have purchased as much materials as I think necessary for each stage only but I either end up with a little over or a deficit. For instance I might end up with a surplus bag of cement but with a shortage of sand. I never seem to get it that accurate. With my electrical work though I am very accurate but I suppose that is because I have done far more of it. It’s all a matter of experience isn’t it? If I am baking I seem always to need to refer to the recipe for things like quantities, temperatures and length of cooking time. Again it is due to the fact that I am not baking often. As I am writing this I am thinking about the quantities of materials I require to make the concrete I will need to fill in the spaces between the paving slabs out on the Plot and whether I should collect it myself or have it delivered. I may decide on the latter because I want an extra paving slab too and they are rather heavy. The other materials I could collect myself but would have to make a couple of journeys. I may decide to collect some and have the rest delivered instead. The problem with deliveries is that they never seem to happen when you want them and even then you need to be at home to receive them. As far as the project is concerned it is going well. As for the other project, the lamp-post installation, all I have done so far is to lay a bed of concrete but more may be needed. I won’t know that until they deliver the post which at the time of writing hasn’t yet arrived. It has been just over a week since I placed the order so hopefully it will arrive this week or will have done by the time you read this. There are a few more projects I would like to do yet if I have the time and if I have the inclination or if I live long enough!

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