Almost finished

I was keen to get into the garden on Saturday in order to work some more on the Plot but the night before whilst looking out of my bedroom window I saw something and was reminded that I ought to get it out-of-the-way. E had asked me months ago, even as far back as last year, that she would like me to cut off the Sycamore tree that was hanging over our garden. The tree stands in our neighbours garden so I could only cut that part of it which overhung our property. Anything I did cut off belonged to my neighbour so I would have to drop it off on their side of the intervening wall. A couple of years ago we had a professional tree surgeon in to lob off the branches of a much larger tree which even now still hangs over our property. That tree is forever losing small branches and twigs which fall into our garden. At that time our neighbour told us that he wasn’t interested in what we did regarding his trees if they needed attention. Earlier in the year we had part of the boundary wall rebuilt. The wall is actually his responsibility but because he doesn’t seem interested in anything regarding his garden we chose to fund the rebuild ourselves. In fact about two years ago we told him about his Japanese Knot-weed problem and he seemed disinterested though in Spring this year he and his family dug it out themselves and burned it. However the Knot-weed that was growing on the other side of the wall we had rebuilt together with all the brambles and ivy still remains. I had no qualms therefore in cutting down as much of that Sycamore as possible and whilst doing it I cut back the ivy in the area too. Yes, that was my first job for the day. I had to get out a long ladder and tree saw to get to it and I was wearing my overalls and a safety helmet too.sycamore

The Sycamore is the sawn-off trunk standing just right of centre standing about 2 metres above the wall. I had taken off about 4 metres together with the branches all of which overhung our garden. The massive tree to the left of centre which is covered in ivy is that tree which is always losing branches. In fact there are at least four large branches which have broken off  in the last few years but remain stuck in the canopy rotting away slowly. Most of the tree’s branches are between 5 and 15 metres from the ground! Anyway it took me a couple of hours to cut the Sycamore and its branches and to tidy up afterward. I still hadn’t started on the Plot but at 11 o’clock I began work. I stopped for a quick-lunch and returned to finish off what I could. I finally stopped work around 4 o’clock. So this is the Plot on Saturday evening….



I had to remove about seven wheelbarrow loads of soil from the space on the right of the flowerbed (last picture) and dump it in the long flowerbed below where I had been cutting the Sycamore. At the time of writing this on Saturday evening I am not sure when I will be able to continue with the Plot but I’m sure I’ll find the time. In any event I need a dry day to do it.

Shirley Anne