The cool of the day

Sunday 18th September and it is a sunny morning, dry but there is dew covering the grass and stonework is damp. Autumn is almost upon us here in the UK. My Sundays are days of rest but I am the restless type so although I do no real work on Sundays I do find things to occupy myself. Once breakfast was over I went on to the patio with a cup of coffee and sat in the now warm sunshine just pondering. Around eleven-thirty the sun hid itself behind the house and stopped shining onto the patio. It would be hidden from the patio for a couple of hours though continuing to shine on the north side of the (rear) garden. Not the same for the front garden though which remains exposed because it is on the south side of the house. I went indoors and prepared a meal, enough for a couple of days in fact. I make this vegetable and chicken stew occasionally using diced pre-cooked chicken with onions, bell peppers, garlic cloves, carrots and garden peas into which I put vegetable stock. It is delicious even though I say so myself but more importantly it is healthy too. E has been buying fresh pears for some time but she doesn’t eat pears as a rule preferring apples instead whereas I prefer pears.

Though the pears pictured do not have a textur...
Though the pears pictured do not have a texture suitable for good eating, scientists at the ARS Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, West Virginia, will combine their fire blight-resistant qualities with other lines possessing traits sought in commercial pear varieties. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know why but she buys unripeĀ fruit so I either have to wait days or, and I prefer them this way, cook them. I don’t know why she doesn’t simply buy canned pears instead but perhaps they are more expensive. So I peeled the pears and cooked them in sugar and water. When they cool off I put them in the fridge and can have some each day. I went outside again after lunch just as the sun began to shine again onto the patio as it swung round to the other side of the house. In the height of summer it shines on the patio far longer. I sat there for a half-hour but then had to return indoors because it went cloudy and the sun’s power was lost. I could feel the now cool air typical of the season. Rain was predicted to fall late evening and into Monday but wouldn’t last long. Monday would be another sunny day. I needed some more dry days in which to work outside and finish the Plot and perhaps the lamp-post project, when the post finally arrives! At this point in time I have been waiting just over two weeks. What I can’t understand is the fact that the supplier informed me by email that the model I wanted was now available and I ordered it immediately. There is no hurry but fine weather cannot last forever.

Shirley Anne