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Readers of my previous post my have noticed a related article at the bottom of the post. I am never sure if any of those related posts will be read but I place them there for anyone who might be interested. I few weeks ago now we had our street lamp-post replaced after it had been damaged by a delivery driver. There seem to be thousands of delivery drivers these days with the advent of on-line shopping. The street lamp is fitted with an LED cluster of lamps which are very economical to run compared with any of their predecessors.


We perhaps don’t notice such things as we go about our daily lives and maybe we don’t need to but there are plans afoot to install ‘intelligent’ lamp-posts which not only provide light but will also be able to provide cctv. and even WiFi. From a lamp-post? Have a read of this article…. . You will have to copy and paste address in new tab or click on the middle of the three articles under my previous post.

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