Lamp post

On Thursday morning I went to do an electrical job for the lady who keeps turtles (see yesterday’s post) but when I got there I saw that the work she had asked me to do wasn’t really necessary if she was to connect her equipment the way I suggested and in the process save herself unnecessary expense. I could see that she had already spent a lot of money for the shed and the furniture in it apart from the electrical installation that had been done by another electrician. For some apparent reason the guy who had done the work simply walked away because he’d had enough working there. He had made an excellent job of what he had done but the lady told me that he had put some of the power outlets in the wrong places. To be fair to him the furniture hadn’t yet been installed as she manufactured and assembled it herself later. She had also made a good job of the work. All she needed was an extra power point strategically positioned to accommodate her needs so that is what I did. She then asked me to look at several other jobs she wanted doing elsewhere but I declined. This is typical of some people who get you to their premises to do a single job and then they begin to move the goal posts. I will only take on extra work if it suits me. Anyway I finished the work and returned home. It was only 10.30 so I decided to do more work on the lamp-post project. The first picture shows the switch isolator box and the black connector box I had fitted the day before. lamp-post-supply-units




It was a very windy day on Thursday and at times it was a nuisance working outside but I plodded on. The first task was to make the final connection to the equipment I had installed the day before. The power outlet box I was connecting the cable to needed re-securing to the wall as it had become loose so I had to do that before connecting the cable. My next task was to fix the lamp-post’s base unit but that didn’t work out as I had expected. Eventually I had it secured to the concrete before taking a short break for lunch. After lunch I assembled the rest of the lamp-post and its internal wiring and placed it on the base. Once it was secure  I made the connections in the base and that was it, finished, well more or less. There was some cosmetic work to do around the concrete base which I hoped I could do the following day.

Shirley Anne