Well it certainly worked

The light shone through the trees
Casting long fanned-out shadows across the lawn
There was no hiding place for creature or man
Until the breaking of the dawn.


The lamp at the top of the lamp-post switched itself on just after seven o’clock in the evening and remained  on until seven-ten in the morning, a full twelve hours. This is why I want to obtain a part-night photo sensor to control an ordinary but LED lamp as it will automatically switch the lamp off a little after midnight for  maybe four hours or more, switching it back on before dawn for a couple of hours. I have one controlling our porch light which switches off at one o’clock in the morning and  back on again before dawn. The lamp supplied with the lamp-post is a fluorescent and uses 15 watts of energy whereas an LED equivalent would only use 5 watts of energy or thereabout for the same light output and far less power if not left on all night. Both of course are far less expensive than traditional tungsten or halogen lamps which can consume ten to twelve times the amount of power as an LED for the same light output. Anyway the lamp will remain for the time being. I was quite tired on Thursday evening and glad to get to bed. I had nothing planned for Friday but after breakfast I went outside with a brush and a tin of black paint for painting metal in order to cover over the sealant I had put between the joints in the lamp-post. I also wanted to paint the screw heads of the screws fastening the cable clamps and to paint over the white cable I had to use in part of the installation just to make it less noticeable. It worked. Just as I was about to start however, someone called asking if I could fit a couple of replacement light units in their apartment. It never fails, I seem to get calls whenever I am about to do work at home. The painting would take five minutes so I agreed to do their work immediately after. The apartment was only two and a half miles away. I was back home well before lunchtime. After lunch I mowed the lawn hoping it would be the last time for this year but I fancy that won’t be the case. Because of the season it is difficult to find the grass dry at any time, even if it hasn’t been raining it is usually wet with dew.  Our lawn is on the north side of the house so the grass can remain wet for long periods and it makes mowing sometimes difficult to do but with the petrol mower it isn’t too bad. Some of the cuttings however tend to clog-up and not end up in the collecting bin. The hardest part is trying to sweep the cuttings that have ended up on the concrete paving slabs because they are wet. One of the two wheelie bins for green waste which were emptied on Monday was now already full. You can see why we need two of them. It was a sunny day on Friday, sunny enough to sit on the patio for a while to relax, which is what I did later on.

Shirley Anne