Out came the tower

I had a mini lie-in on Thursday morning after a quite restless night. I had enough sleep but it was in stages, two hours at a time and in between lying there wondering if I would ever wake up refreshed. I did however but it was a bit later than I had expected. I hadn’t set the alarm because I only do that if I have electrical work to do for others. My main desire for the day was to fit the newly acquired plaque and I had allowed myself all day to concentrate on that. Other work had been rescheduled to other days. Thursday started off fairly cool with a breeze but as the day wore on it got warmer, sunnier and less breezy. My feet touched the floor at nine o’clock and as they did someone called asking me to do an electrical job for them. I agreed with them to do it on Monday morning as I already had a job to do on Friday. I got dressed and ate breakfast and then I set to work.It was just after ten o’clock when I put on my overalls and went into the garage to take out the tower parts and begin to assemble them at the front of the house. I had to erect the full seven metres of it in order to reach the spot on the wall where I wanted to fit the plaque. However, it took me over two hours to get it all set up for I had no-one to help me, no-one to pass each section up to me which meant I had to climb up and down the tower many times as it rose higher. I went indoors for a moment to use the toilet and discovered it was almost twelve-thirty! It wasn’t worth returning outside before lunch so I made a quick snack and ate it. I returned outside before one-thirty and resumed working. My first task was to drill the holes in the brickwork using the template I had made and then I had to haul up the plaque using a large industrial bag and a rope. A far safer way than taking it ¬†up by hand as I could easily have dropped it. Using long brass screws I secured it to the wall.hassle-castle-1877-2

hassle-castle-1877Just as I was about to fix the plaque to the wall my eldest son arrived to help me dismantle the tower as he had promised. He had just finished work and was on his way home. It was a blessing for it took us only about ten minutes to dismantle it. He left soon after and I carried on putting everything away as you can see in the second picture. I finished everything completely by four o’clock and went indoors for a well-earned rest.

Shirley Anne