Over three thousand

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To date I have posted almost 3100 posts on this blog. I don’t suppose many of my readers will have read them all or that many browse older posts either. I was browsing some of my old postings just for something to do. I had and have been doing much work at home lately as well as carrying out electrical work for others and it does take its toll. I do enjoy my work however but it is nice to be able to sit and relax afterward. I am not one who likes to read fiction, it was never an interest to me but give me literature about practical subjects and I am happy. With me, if I am reading something of interest it leads me to other things. When I am searching a word in a dictionary I often find myself drifting off and searching related words and their meanings too. Before I know it I find myself way off target if I am not careful. Life’s a bit like that for many of us, we aim for something but get sidetracked and we end up somewhere else, somewhere we never thought we would be. The funny thing is we end up preferring our unintended destination. When I first started with this blog I never thought I would ever have reached so many posts but I did. That is 3100 posts in almost as many days. On one or two occasions I have posted twice on the same day but that hasn’t been often. Sometimes I wonder if I will continue and if so for how long? I have been tempted on a couple of occasions recently to simply stop. A blog is basically a personal log for many, an insight into the often mundane things we get up to in our daily lives though some people use the platform for other reasons, and there will be many. So I was re-reading some of my old posts and they brought back to mind memories of when they were written and the things I had been doing at the time. I wondered how I managed to do some of them when I remember what was involved and that is the point, we often do not realise our own potential when faced with a seemingly difficult and daunting task. It just takes a little confidence. Almost 3100 postings since the middle of January 2009 proves a point to me anyway.

Shirley Anne