Two different days

On Friday I had a little work scheduled to do in the next little township, Formby, just a few miles away from home. I thought the work would take two or maybe three hours and I would then have the rest of the day to myself but as sometimes happens it didn’t work out that way. Replacing light fittings and a few power outlets unearthed a can of worms. There were incorrectly wired lights and power outlets which had to be tackled before I could do the work I had been asked to do. The couple with their twenty year-old son had recently moved in to the property and had not really had the chance to settle in because of the work that had to be done first. That is a common thing though in acquiring a new home. So my work took me until four in the afternoon to complete not only because of the problems but also because they had asked me to do other work too. One job I refused to do concerned the garage and greenhouse wiring installation. The lighting circuits especially were in a potentially dangerous condition and there was a problem with the power circuits too. I did do some work there but only to make it safer than it was. It would be too large a project for me to consider to rewire the garage and the greenhouse now that I have made the decision to cut back on my electrical work. I suggested they seek the services of a younger electrician! Anyway they were pleased with what I had done and they will call me again they say when there are other small jobs to do. Saturday was a completely different day. I made an inventory of my electrical van stock and decided to visit the supplier to renew my stock of switches, power outlets, and boxes. Whilst there I purchased another LED floodlight for our rear garden. floodlightOne of the five had become faulty so I plan to change it with the one that overlooks the Plot I have been working in recently just to maintain the symmetry on the rear wall of the house. The new one will be positioned further along the side wall from where the supply is now. I will do that work in the next week or so when I feel like doing it. I also asked if they had sourced the part-night photo cell I had asked of them a week or so ago but they were having the same difficulty as I’d had in obtaining one. I left there to visit the other supplier I had also asked and they gave me a more positive answer. It seems that these photo cells are usually supplied in large quantities but to supply just one doesn’t interest them. This supplier though tells me that they can certainly supply one and will inform me in a day or so when they have one for me. At least I know I will finally get one. I drove home, stopping on the way to buy a couple of grocery items. The rest of the day would be spent relaxing.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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