Finally succumbed

October’s first couple of weeks have been really nice, sunshine with little wind and hardly a drop of rain. I had therefore to get the hose pipe out a few times so that the garden plants didn’t wilt. You can always tell if you are not watering them frequently enough during dry spells, their leaves begin to droop. Some plants can withstand a bout of dry weather more so than others. I notice especially that the plants we have in the ‘Mound’ dry out more quickly than those on more level ground. This is the Mound for those new to my blogPlants 1

There are three Rhododendron shrubs in it now and the one you can see near the top centre gives a good indication when the soil is getting too dry. By the way the potted plants you see along the front were mostly planted in the Mound the day after this picture was taken earlier in the year. On Sunday morning I drove to the local garden centre to purchase three more small shrubs which I subsequently planted in the flowerbed on the left which is out of sight in the picture. It is the flowerbed which is adjacent to the Patio on its right-hand-side. The picture below shows it when I was still in the process of ┬áredesigning it. More plants have been put there since.Flowerbed Project 4 The intention is to fill in some of the open spaces with shrubs which in turn will offer more protection to the more sensitive of the plants during the colder months, basically acting as wind-breaks. We have some semi-tropical plants in the flowerbed which although can withstand a degree of cold they suffer in biting cold winds. So after lunch on Sunday I took advantage of the still bright and sunny day and sat a while on the patio. As there was little wind the patio was a sun trap and it was remarkably warm and pleasant to sit there. At this time of year we have to wait until around twelve-thirty before the sun shines again on the left of the house and for the area alongside the house on that side it is the first time in the day the sun can shine there. During the Summer the sun’s rays can reach the area from the rear of the house early in the day though for a brief spell around lunch time the area is in the shadow of the house. The house faces south south-west.Anyway clouds began to drift across the sky and after an hour it was too cool to sit outside in what I was wearing as the sun now was hidden. I decided to give in and go indoors. I also put on some warmer clothing which will be the norm now for a few months. During the warmer months I go bare-legged but last week saw me wearing my stockings for the first time since Spring. On Saturday I took a look at the lawn and it was completely covered in fallen leaves. E has a mains-powered leaf vacuum cleaner/shredder and I decided to get it out of its box and try it out. However, I noticed another vacuum cleaner in an open box above it so that is the one I used. I am not sure whether the two machines belong to E or if one belongs to my son. She has all sorts of equipment I know nothing about unless she tells me. I remember struggling to cut some timber for a picture rail in the bedroom we refurbished a few months ago when she finally let me know she had a power-driven saw for the job! The problem with the leaf vacuum is that it is powerful (1500 watts) and it tends to pull its suction tube to the ground when in use. I think a small wheel on either side of the large tube would be an excellent way to hold the tube just enough from the ground to allow the leaves in without it trying to suck in the ground too! It would make using the tool far easier too as it could be pulled along without effort. I don’t know why the designers haven’t thought of it, though in this picture of another model they have them on its transporter truck. garden-electric-3-function-leaf-blower-vacuum-shredder-2800w_image-1

I think I was wasting my time for by Sunday the leaf clutter was back and there was more of them. I shall put off doing a complete clean-up until there are no more leaves left to drop. I usually wait until the wind has blown most of them away but that won’t be until late November.

Shirley Anne