Fast backward!

I had quite a busy day on Thursday. I drove to the next township to change two ceiling lights in somebody’s kitchen. The replacement fittings were a peculiar affair, a straight bar about a half-metre in length each end of which were affixed another half-metre in length of bar which could be bent at the joint to form any desired shape on the ceiling….thusshape

The centre section was where the connections were made in the ‘rose’ and the two ‘arms’ were attached to the ceiling on small rods once the desired shape was decided upon. Each arm had two lamps making a total of six on each of the two fittings (fixtures). The lady of the house ‘allowed’ her husband to choose the fittings but she wasn’t that keen on them. I agreed with her. I thought they looked ungainly and out-of-place in the small kitchen/diner. I did the work and all was well but a half-hour after I had left there had been a problem and part of the house circuitry had switched off. I returned immediately to locate a possible fault in what I had done but found none. I did discover faults with the power circuit in the kitchen though and corrected them then all was restored. I stayed a while to ensure the power remained on. As I was leaving I received a request to investigate a faulty power outlet in someone else’s house near to home so I called there to check it out. Twin SocketThe ‘fault’ lay in the fact that a wire had become loose in the terminal but in fact it should not have been there in the first place. The single supply cable feeding the twin power outlet was in the first place too small and the loose wire was supplying an adjacent switch for the gas boiler. Added to that problem was the fact that three plugs were lying close-by which were on the flexible leads to the washing machine, the tumble-dryer and a further washing machine. The power outlet was incapable to accommodate them all, especially as the cable supplying it was too small. The whole installation required a re-wire. The lady told me that the wiring was done over forty years ago but I pointed out that although it might have sufficed at the time she had been acquiring many modern appliances since┬áthen and there were simply not enough outlets for them now. I made the outlet safe for use in the interim, it was all I could do. I referred her to another electrician who will carry out the rewire. I was about to eat lunch and the phone rang. It was an offer of more work from an old customer. I ate lunch and again received a call asking for my services. That was Friday and Monday taken care of. Aha! I had further calls in the evening too. It’s nice to feel wanted……but not all at once! It reminded me of what it was like all those years ago, job after job after job……………nothing much has changed has it? Well yes it has, I don’t work half as hard as I used to!

Shirley Anne