Some days

In the same vein as yesterday’s post I write this one. It is finally the end of the week for my electrical work but already I have two jobs lined-up for next week with a possible third when they call me. I won’t say I am not sorry it is Friday (as I write this) because the week has been somewhat hectic at times. Yesterday, that is Thursday, the phone never seemed to stop ringing and even today at least in the morning it was just the same. Funny how and why people insist on calling me during the day asking for my services when I’m sure they know I will be at work. In emergencies, yes, I agree they’ve no choice but usually these jobs have been on the caller’s mind for some time and in that case they should call me in the evening. People do what people do but it just takes a little forethought. Three times I made the attempt to connect the first of several lighting fittings I was installing in someone’s house when my phone rang. One was one of those nuisance calls but the others could have waited till a more convenient time. It seems to happen more just as I have reached the top of a ladder! I did two jobs on Friday, in the first house it was to simply change a faulty power outlet and in the second house to install several new lighting fittings. I received another call asking if I could check a ceiling fan and light combination in a conservatory.

A "Tropical Breeze Delux"[sic] ceili...
A “Tropical Breeze Delux”[sic] ceiling fan, made by Moss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I told them I would call there on my way back home. I had driven less than a half-mile from the second house when I was again called by someone asking if I could replace some lighting units on the exterior of their garage. Had they called another minute later I would have by then driven past their road. Such timing, yet had they called me the night before…..well you see what I mean. I went there but arranged to do the work the following week as I was on my way to look at that faulty fan and besides which the customer hadn’t as yet purchased the lights she wanted me to fit. She had been under the impression that I would make the purchase. That is something I would never do unless the person was unable or incapable. People who make such requests don’t realise they wold be paying for my time apart from the fact that I wouldn’t know what their tastes in fittings and fixtures are anyway. I think she had a cheek to ask but there you go. I drove off to the house with the faulty fan/light and discovered that the fan wasn’t at fault but only the lights. They could neither be switched manually nor remotely using the remote control unit. There was obviously a fault in the on-board control unit. As I do not carry out repairs to such things or to any fixed or portable appliance I referred them to someone else. I haven’t the time nor the inclination to source parts for the numerous pieces of equipment I am sometimes asked to repair. Those jobs are done by specialists who have the resources and the time and often have a dedicated workshop. You would be surprised at the amount of people who think my little van is some sort of ‘Tardis‘ (Dr. Who fans will know what I mean), far larger on the inside and full of all kinds of stock.

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Not so I’m afraid. A girl who works for my local newspaper and with whom I arrange for my advertisement to be published called to ask if I was going to purchase some more advertising space. I was buying thirteen weeks of space but recently changed that to ten weeks instead. As I write this I am in my final week of the last ten but I had planned not to renew until the beginning of November when the price increases in order to make accounting easier but also because I wanted a couple of weeks rest. No doubt that won’t happen though, the rest I mean because usually I still get a few calls. If they are but a few I will do them. I am now faced with a lovely weekend free from electrical work………….the garden awaits……………

Shirley Anne