Must be the last?

Sunset over Southport, UK, in July 2006. Note ...
Sunset over Southport, UK, in July 2006. Note the interesting cloud formations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Haven’t we been enjoying good weather these last few weeks? Okay I know some have had some cold and windy weather but generally speaking the UK has fared quite well considering it is now Autumn. For a few hours on Sunday we had here in Southport sunshine and blue skies, especially during the afternoon, so much so that I actually sat out in it. The Sun‘s rays were still strong and penetrating and could easily burn unprotected skin if out in it for a long time. There was little in the way of a breeze but when the wind did put in an ¬†appearance it was warm. Later in the day clouds rolled in and we had rain, in fact rain was the forecast for the following two days after which it might turn sunny once more. I doubt there will be more opportunities to sit in the sun from now on unless heavier and warmer clothes are worn. Aside from being in the garden or out at work I haven’t been out much lately, not even for walks. Walking is nice but is very unproductive too. I have simply been far too busy to spend time walking and any walking has been done on my treadmill though when I get on that machine I usually end up running! As the weather gets more wet and windy I think I’ll be using the treadmill more often. I have taken my advert out of the newspaper for two weeks so that I might have more time to myself though I won’t be idle if I can help it. I might get to do some of that walking outdoors if the weather permits. As I write this on Sunday evening I have scheduled electrical work to do in the week ahead so I won’t have every day to myself anyway and there’s work to do in the gardens.

Shirley Anne