She wouldn’t let me go

On Monday I had arranged to call at a customer’s house some 12 miles from home on Thursday and as usual I duly arrived on time. I have worked in her house many times in the past and when her husband was alive. He passed away around three years ago I think, I lose track of time sometimes. Anyhow, she often calls upon me to do little jobs for her, some of which are not electrical jobs. Thursday’s work involved replacing under-unit lights, replacing a few light bulbs, disconnecting unwanted garden lighting, moving a lighting switch in a bedroom to a position outside of the room because she was having the door hinged on the opposite side which would have hidden the switch, re-positioning a small wall-mounted ornate shelf between two single beds in the same room and re-fixing a wooden ‘blind’ next to a window which had become loose. When all that work was done she wanted to chat with me even though she had been doing that all morning! It wasn’t because she is lonely, she isn’t as she has a full social life. No, she just doesn’t know how to say goodbye. It was now after one o’clock and all I wanted to do was get home, have a quick lunch and then install the newly acquired photo cell to control the lamp-post (see previous posts). part-night-photocell-1


It should have been a quick and simple task but as is often the case with electrical work it wasn’t. Silly little things like the masonry drill clogging up with the moist brick-dust sticking in the flutes and having to constantly remove it. Discovering that the connection box access hole for the cable gland had a poor thread making it difficult to screw into it and one or two other minor irritations all serve to annoy and slow things down. Once I had everything done I replaced the existing automatic lamp in the post with an ordinary LED lamp. The work was complete by four o’clock so I had a couple of hours to wait before the lamp lit. The grey box contains a fused switched spur unit. The black box is a waterproof connecting box and the part night photo cell is on the left. The wall faces northward making it the ideal place for the photo cell. The adjoining wall is on the west of the garden.

Shirley Anne