At it again

It is Sunday and I am bored stiff! I had gotten out of bed very late in the morning and didn’t get downstairs until after eleven o’clock. Most unusual for me to have slept in so late but there was a reason. Firstly I didn’t get to bed until very late and I’d had a restless night, never getting more than short breaks of sleep until at six o’clock after a visit to the toilet I eventually dozed off for more than four hours. I obviously wasn’t tired enough the evening before! It meant I skipped breakfast and had lunch at twelve o’clock instead. I need to be doing something to get me tired enough for sleep and I haven’t been doing as much work of late. I have taken a two-week break from my electrical work so I expect few calls during that time, though I have still been getting them by word-of-mouth, recommendations from others. I even received a call from someone who had seen my advertisement or recommendation on a website listing me as a good and reliable electrician. I don’t advertise on the web. Anyway the long and short of it is that whilst I am officially unavailable I have to find other things to do at home or remain bored stiff! I don’t work on a Sunday anyway but I had been out in the garden a couple of times during the afternoon enjoying the sunshine for the most part but all the time thinking about things I could do, weather permitting, to ease the boredom. Most of the work in the garden this year has been centred on projects like redesigning three flowerbeds, restructuring and designing the area behind one of the garages we have labelled the Plot and installing extra lighting but there is one area which has been neglected because of a lack of time or what to do with it, that is the area behind the other garage and the first thing we see when we enter the garden from the cellar door, the preferred route we take.



As you can see it needs some attention. Now there are still plenty of the natural stone blocks lying about which we dug out of the Mound a couple of years ago, they will come in handy when, as I plan to do, and start work to tidy it all up. Of course I will nave to dispose of or hide away the old house bricks temporarily lying there too. If the weather stays dry I will make a start.

Shirley Anne