Bigger projects needed?

I am trying to make the most of a: the fine weather and b: the fact that I’ve taken a two-week break but it seems I work too fast! I don’t think I do. I just plod on regardless, never looking at my watch because I don’t have one but just relying on what my tummy is telling me and sometimes my bladder too! I made a start on my current little project on Monday morning but I doubt it will be ‘current’ for very long. I write this on Monday afternoon and I think the little project will be complete by tomorrow. The little plot was in dire need of some care and attention and really needed a small retaining wall in place as well as you will have seen in yesterday’s post. After only two hours work on Monday morning¬†I had gotten this farlittle-plot-3All the stones were first shifted and stored on the raised concrete area behind the garage, a very useful place to store things temporarily for short-term or long-term. Over the years all kinds of things have rested there before moving them for use. Anyway as you can see I managed to dig out around the bed removing a few edging tiles from the right-hand-side before placing the large natural stone slabs along the three sides. I took a break at this point to go indoors and prepare some lunch just after twelve. E was at the top of the house doing some craft work (making greetings cards) and wouldn’t be down for lunch until nearer two o’clock. She gets up later than I most days and therefore has a late breakfast. I like to be up and about early most of the time. After lunch I continued with the work which was mostly digging out the weeds, filtering the soil and generally cleaning the site before washing everywhere with the hose.¬†little-plot-4

All that remains to be done is to fill in the spaces and gaps with a smooth concrete mix which shouldn’t take long. To the right of the green wheelie bin you may see the buttress which had been built before we moved into the house back in 1989. It is in need of attention as there are a couple of loose bricks and missing mortar near the base. I have an idea I will render the lower half of the buttress using a smooth concrete mix too. What will be next?

Shirley Anne