A little early and stuff

In my previous post I mentioned I had purchased some natural stone for edging a flowerbed. They were to deliver the goods the following morning so I made it my business to get up early just in case they arrived early too. It was fortunate that I did that for indeed they did arrive early. My delivery had in fact been the last on the route so I can’t imagine how early the others had been delivered. Mine had been at 8.20. I helped the guy place the twenty lengths of stone in the garage and then returned indoors. I returned outside an hour later and my first task was to yet again clear up some leaves. I had in fact cleared many the day before using the vacuum/shredder but now these were wet after the overnight rain we’d had so I elected to use a broom and shovel instead. It was quite tiring work because the humidity was high and so was the temperature for the time of year. No wind was blowing either just to add to the discomfort. I then wheeled the bin into the front garden where the other bin stood. They were both almost filled¬†to the top but I had a tall rose plant that needed pruning back and wanted to put the cuttings into the bins too. Somehow I got them in with further cutting and pressing them down. Funny how rose thorns still manage to prick fingers protected by gloves! Both wheelie bins were now completely filled and would be emptied the following Monday. I knew that at least one of them would end up full almost immediately afterward as there were still leaves lying about when they had been full and the trees had not shed all of their leaves either. I took a break and went inside for a coffee returning a little later to transport the stone from the garage and place it alongside the flowerbed..greenhouse-flowerbed-1¬† It was now lunchtime so I went indoors again. Whether I continued with the work on Friday will be revealed in the next post.

Shirley Anne