On my knees 2

Scuffin' Those Knees
Scuffin’ Those Knees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, I ran out of titles……..I continued with the work on the flowerbed on Tuesday morning but all I had to do was to mix some smooth concrete and fill-in the spaces between the stone slabs and rocks. Still it took me almost two hours to mix the concrete, use it and then tidy everything away but I wasn’t in a hurry. All the work meant spending more time on my knees (hence the title). I didn’t use the gardening kneeling stool but a thick cushion directly on the ground or rather the pathway. It meant I could get closer to the ground than if I had used the stool. Most of the concrete was placed using just my gloved hand as using a tool would have been awkward. It was another dry day which turned into a blue sky day with lots of sunshine. After lunch I even sat out on the patio for an hour it was so nice. I spent some time thinking about which plants to buy with which to populate the flowerbed. At the time of writing I haven’t as yet made up my mind. These days one can plant at any time of year within reason for the plants are potted so the roots don’t get disturbed. Protection from frost is the most important thing to consider especially if the plants are not yet established. According to the weather forecast we will experience cold nights from now on. As I live on the coast the temperature is likely to be a little above freezing. Of course it does get colder sometimes. Tomorrow as write this I have a dental appointment just before lunch so I won’t have time for work. I might browse the garden centre for plants instead. I will post another picture after I have planted any plants I may purchase in the meantime.

Shirley Anne