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My rest from electrical work was ended on Thursday, the day following my advert‘s return in the newspaper. Yes, advertising does work where services are concerned anyway, I am not too sure about other reasons for advertising. I think the car advert is hilarious, don’t you? Television advertising for me does nothing but encourage me to reach over to the mute button on the remote control. That kind of advertising, though necessary, is wasted upon me. My phone kept ringing throughout the morning but I didn’t take on many of the offers. At least now I am beginning to build up more funds which will enable me to purchase plants for the garden in the days ahead. It was quite a cold day on Thursday and that was to continue for the foreseeable future, well it is Autumn after all. The lawn is yet again covered with fallen leaves and will remain that way until all the leaves have dropped to the ground! I had a great chat with the lady in one of the houses I worked in. We talked about gardening and plants. I had mentioned I was looking to buy some more plants for the rear garden and she made some suggestions but it is difficult when people haven’t actually seen the garden. I am all for a low maintenance garden where I don’t have to constantly prune back or weed out all the time. That isn’t totally possible, especially where weeds are concerned. In the two flowerbeds at the front of the house which I had cleaned up during the summer months and in which I laid chipped bark to curb the weeds, they still manage to grow in places! Despite the Autumn weather the gardens are looking well after all the work I put into them throughout the year. And I thought I hated gardening. I expect I will be doing much electrical work between now and Christmas, it usually happens that way and I will be glad for that but I still hope I will find things to do in the gardens too.

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