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It was late Friday afternoon and I was bored stiff. I had been gainfully employed for a time on Thursday after having had a break but now I had nothing specific to do, no electrical work and no work at home. It was too soon to be bored but it doesn’t take much time for me to get bored. I didn’t mind so much during the morning but by lunch time I began to get bored. It was a windy and wet day but the sun kept popping out to brighten things up. I decided to go for a short walk to ease the boredom and to get some exercise at the same time. I’d only gone a few hundred yards and it began to rain. It didn’t last and it seemed a waste of time opening the umbrella  but I did. It is one thing getting soaking wet when nearly back home but another when I’d only just left! Anyway the walk did me good and I tried not to notice the wind. One benefit I get from walking around my town is I get to look at other people’s gardens and see the variety of plants they have some of which we have too. I can see what our own will be like in a couple of years’ time. I could have spent a little time sweeping up the leaves in the rear garden but the wheelie bins were full and wouldn’t be emptied until Monday, it would be pointless to sweep them into bags when they could go straight into the emptied bins. There would be more to sweep up by Monday anyway. I toyed with the idea of driving to the garden centre to purchase plants for the flowerbed but decided against it until I had more spare cash in my purse, the £150 I had might probably not be enough to buy the amount of plants I wanted anyway. I had more work scheduled so I made the decision to wait a few more days. I cannot handle having nothing to do and the waiting I knew would be difficult but sometimes it has to be that way. The only thing working in the house apart from static equipment was our little robot cleaner we affectionately call Robbie, what else? E had gone out for the afternoon probably to her mom’s house then to do some shopping, I didn’t ask. I had returned home from my walk when she returned home, dashed into the kitchen and left again with a bag containing four new kitchen rolls. I thought perhaps she had spilled something in her car but she didn’t return as I would have expected had that been the case. She had driven off again! That was the only bit of ‘excitement’ I’d had all day. Such is life for me when there’s nothing for me to do.

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