Back to the garden

I had no work on Monday and was forced to remain at home. Whilst the weather was dry I took another opportunity to get into the garden to do some work there. With me it is any excuse to get me outdoors and if I can do a little work too, well that is a bonus. Lately, as my readers will have noted, I have spent much time in the gardens, especially the rear garden, doing work of one sort or another. Much of the work has been constructing work but now it is Autumn and getting colder I have been concentrating more on maintenance. A few years ago we had a raised flowerbed or bed constructed between the two greenhouses in order to make use of the space there. I could have constructed it myself but at that time I had been very busy with electrical work so I gave it to someone we had used to build new walls a year or so earlier. We had a lot of work done on and around the house and in the gardens in 2010. Anyhow we have used this raised bed to grow potatoes and over the last couple of years, strawberry plants. In this picture taken recently when working on the ‘Greenhouse flowerbed’ and posted a few days ago, you can see how the strawberry plants had taken over.greenhouse-flowerbed-3My job for the day, well one of the jobs, was to clear the strawberry plants from the bed. This is what I did. I took a couple of large plant pots and filled them with growing compost and soil and planted about twelve of the strawberry plants in them. I placed them on a table in the large greenhouse as a temporary measure until I can set them permanently in the greenhouse but off the floor. This is to deter woodlice, which like eating the fruit. and slugs and snails which like eating the leaves too. When the strawberries were in the bed much of the fruit was lost to these pests. Having the plants in raised pots allows the fruit to hang over the side and out of reach of pests.strawberry-plants-inside-greenhouseThey are in the large terracotta pot on the left and the large green pot or plant box on the right. The tall plants on the table are bell peppers and there is fruit on them still. In the foreground are tomato and cucumber now mostly wilted. E generally looks after the plants in the greenhouse. The smaller greenhouse is out of use except to store pots and there are loads of them! So now the raised bed has been emptied and will remain so until Spring when I propose to grow potatoes again. Some of the top bricks on the near corner have become loose so I shall be fixing them in the days ahead. old-raised-bed-1I might also be able to render the buttress in this picture now that I can get at it easier. I mentioned doing this in a recent post. It is the lower part between the wheelie bin and the white bag to the right which is now almost empty of soil.little-plot-7   My other jobs for the day were to sweep up more leaves now that the two wheelie bins had been emptied. One of them is already full again but that one is stored in the front garden where there is always less waste to put in it, except for the leaves!

Shirley Anne