Down but not out

Year of the Gentleman
Year of the Gentleman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t feeling well later on Tuesday. It began soon after my return home from a walk. Though the walk was enjoyable I suppose the cold wind had gotten through to me. I went to bed feeling a little miserable but felt somewhat better the following morning. All I wanted to do was to rest for the day and get myself back to normal but just after lunch an elderly gentleman called to ask if I could check a faulty light or him. I use the term ‘gentleman’ because I discovered on meeting him that he fitted the description very well. He was polite, chivalrous, well-mannered and well-spoken and well-dressed too, something sadly lacking in many guys these days. The light was fixed to the ceiling but behind a suspended ceiling beneath. He claimed it had been working for twelve months and perhaps it had but the connections weren’t good and it had been barely hanging from the one screw which had prevented it dropping from the ceiling altogether. For a small light that wouldn’t have been a problem but this was a twin-lamp six-foot long fluorescent unit. The lamps had not been installed properly either so they would never have worked. I removed it from the ceiling and tested it. There was nothing wrong with it and I returned it to the ceiling, this time fixing it there properly. That was it, the only work I had done in a couple of days. I was paid my minimum fee and I returned home. I was still feeling a little under the weather. Just before my evening meal one of my regular customers called to ask if I would check out the light in her kitchen as it had ceased working. I had fitted the unit a couple of months ago so I wondered why it had failed so soon. I arranged to check it out the following day, after I had done the other work I had scheduled elsewhere. The other work entailed checking out another faulty light unit! You could say therefore that I am on light duties (forgive the pun) which is just as well I suppose given the way I have been feeling lately.

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