A surprise

Nothing special to report by way of that surprise except that I received a request for my services on Friday morning when I had expected I would be having a day with nothing to do. It was one of several small jobs I have been offered lately just as I needed in order to rebuild my disposable funds. The work itself involved finishing work a builder/electrician had not completed having been asked many times to do so. This I have found happens quite a lot and I wonder why jobs are not properly completed promptly. No doubt the builder has started another project and now hasn’t the time to complete the first one. Personally I think that is a despicable practice. Anyway I did the work and was paid and better still it has led to other work at the same house.

Please Teacher!
Please Teacher! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The lady of the house was a teacher, is a teacher and an accomplished artist who teaches young children at a local school. She’d gotten the day off work and had decided to search for an electrician who would finally get the much-needed work completed. I was the fortunate person she chose having seen my advertisement as a local female electrician. She told me she was tired of waiting for male electricians to turn up! How nice for me. We got on very well and it was very pleasant working for her. She showed me several of her paintings and very impressive they were too. She told me she once displayed many paintings in galleries in London and Brighton, places where she used to live at one time. Many of the subjects were based upon famous sayings like ‘High hopes’, a picture of an ant carrying a leaf from an enormous rubber plant close by. Another picture showed two bare feet walking over a floor covered with egg shells and one of a woman with a head scarf inside of which were many bees. I’ll let you work those two out. There were others too. It had been a lovely sunny morning on Friday which was fortunate too as some of the work had been outdoors. It went cloudy during the afternoon but by then I was already back home relaxing.

Shirley Anne