People and stuff

I got up a little later than usual on Saturday, for me anyway, it was around nine-thirty as I began to have breakfast. I had been up a couple of times during the night with toilet visits but it had been a bit more involved than simply just relieving myself. I had a vaginal bacterial infection¬†specifically a urinary tract infection and they are never nice to endure. Fortunately I have a routine I use whenever this happens which makes the experience less painful. Medication is a must for conditions like this so I make sure I have something to hand for such emergencies. I usually have some medication left over from treating previous infections as more often than not I get them during the night and over the weekend. I was able to get things under control but I wanted to purchase some new medication in case it was needed. I also wanted to visit my electrical supplier for some items to replenish my van stock. The other reason I wanted to go out shopping was to pay a visit to the garden centre once more to purchase more plants for the flowerbed I had been working on recently. My first stop was at the chemist (drug store/pharmacy) to purchase medications. The chemist asked me all sorts of questions as to why I wanted the medications and when it was I last contracted an infection. Having vaginal infections too frequently of course is a problem though fortunately that hasn’t been my own experience. However the chemist suggested a visit to the doctor should I contract it again. I would do that anyway. I was given the medication and I drove off to the electrical supplier.

A young girl greeted me and I was served immediately as there were no other customers in the shop. After the sale we spoke a little. She had noticed the bag containing my medications as I reached to get my purse and asked if I was feeling well. She must have thought I had the ‘flu! As there was no-one else in the shop I told her what the medication was for and she was sympathetic as she knew from experience how nasty the infection can be. I don’t remember how the subject turned to Jesus but we ended up talking about what people do to enjoy themselves, partying, drinking and so on yet they are never satisfied. Isn’t it so true that people are always seeking new thrills and experiences and never tire of it? They are trying to fill a God¬†shaped hole in their lives with material things so they end up constantly attempting to satisfy their need yet never succeeding. Why don’t they simply turn to God instead? Life with Jesus in your heart gives you a different perspective on life and its meaning. I left the shop and drove off to the garden centre.

On my arrival I decided to treat myself to one of the two free cups of coffee or tea I am entitled to as a member each month. This particular month I am entitled to a free pot of tea and two scones because my birthday is in November. When I got to the restaurant the queues were too long so I went into the garden and selected nine plants and proceeded to the check-out. I had spent another ¬£72 and that was with the 20% promotional discount. As a member I get a 10% discount at other times but I wanted to take advantage of the extra discount while it lasted. I loaded them into the van and returned to get that coffee. This time the counter was empty. Now although I had the coffee I had to go to the payment desk to pay for it or in this case have my card debited first. I had to wait in a small queue and my drink was getting colder. Eventually I got to a table but my drink was by this time cooled down somewhat. It was hardly worth sitting down to drink it but I did. A few seconds later I was up and walking out of the restaurant and off to my van. It was eleven-thirty when I got back home so I decided to put the plants in the flowerbed……..greenhouse-flowerbed-5

You should be able to see the new plants as they have all been placed at the front of the bed. Compare to pictures taken a few days earlier.

Shirley Anne