It was quite a pleasant day on Sunday, not warm but not cold either at 10 deg C. because there was no wind-chill, no wind at all until later in the day. Immediately after breakfast I went into the garden to sweep up the last remaining fallen leaves, well hopefully they would be the last. I had a feeling I would be sweeping up leaves later in the month. It did take me some time however because wet leaves tend to cling to the concrete paths and stones. The lawn still had leaves on it, not too many though as both myself and the wind had removed most of them a few days earlier. Most of what remained would have to stay there on the now wet grass but I had to remove the fallen twigs and small branches that had fallen from the huge tree standing in a neighbour’s garden. This particular tree is always dropping twigs and branches even during the warm months.sycamoreYou can see the tree in this picture taken a couple of months ago. It is the large one covered in ivy centre-left. By the time I had done with sweeping up leaves it was eleven-thirty. I went indoors, made myself a coffee and returned outside to the patio to sit and relax with it. I had been out there for twenty minutes when my mobile phone rang. It was from a lady asking if I could do some electrical work for her, nothing much but enough to make it worthwhile doing. We made arrangements for me to do the work on Thursday morning. I had other work to do on the days preceding. I take the opportunity to work whilst I am still able. I had wanted to carry out repairs to the brickwork on the raised bed in which we had been growing strawberries and to render the buttress but I hadn’t the time. The weather has been against me too on occasion. When sweeping the leaves near to the garage door I noticed another area of brickwork that needs attention too. That area may be more difficult to repair because it is buckling outward at the base of the wall. The bricks would need to be removed and then replaced. Maybe it is a job for the warmer days of Spring.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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