You won’t find me there

English: "No personal attacks!"
“No personal attacks!” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course that depends upon where you look. I refer to social media. The only access people have to me across the Internet is either via this blog or by emails. That’s it! Nowhere else will I be found. I remember years ago when Facebook started out in the earlier version now superceded by today’s platform. Many people have been drawn to using Facebook since those days as a means of presenting themselves to the world or just to those they choose. As much personal information as desired can be placed on Facebook or any other similar platform but of course if taken too far doing that can expose you to all kinds of malicious attacks. Unfortunately not everyone in the world is honest and upright. Then there is Twitter where anyone can pass comments on anything that has been posted anywhere on the news media. That can lead to personal attacks by those who are only too ready to point the finger of accusation or to engage in character demolition. I often wonder why people expose themselves to such potential attacks by the faceless and the sometimes cowardly actions of others. I am of the opinion that people who use the Internet to reach out to the world with their personal profiles in too much detail are asking for trouble. I therefore choose not to use these platforms and remain incognito…..well apart from this blog! At least I am able to control comments on my blog though I know all my readers are nice people of course! Even though I have published part of my history here and much about my day-to-day life there is very little other personal information about myself. That is the way it will stay. Have you noticed how certain platforms, especially Facebook, have been pushed forward so much that they have become almost essential in some circumstances? Some sites cannot even be accessed unless you are subscribed to Facebook. The Internet is good for many things and beneficial in many ways but I will use it only in a limited way. I don’t want my life centred around the Internet, I prefer personal contact, the way I believe it was meant to be.

Just thinking

Shirley Anne