Relentless is good, it means work is available if I want it. The period leading up to the Christmas break is always the same for me, busy. Relentlessly the offers pile in.

Relentless (Sick of It All song)
Relentless (Sick of It All song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t like refusing work but I must do it or burn myself out. I reckon I have passed on more work offers than I have accepted these past few weeks. On Thursday last I had one small job to do and to be honest I didn’t want any more work until the following week but the calls kept coming in. Most of the offers were for larger jobs but as I no longer take on the larger tasks they were rejected. However one or two smaller work offers were made and I did those. I wanted no more but still the offers came in. I found myself making all sorts of excuses for not doing them as it appeared people don’t want to take no as an answer. I was driving to the last job when a guy phoned me. I guess he must have been around ten years younger than myself as he was asking if I could do some work for his father who was in his mid to late eighties. It turned out not to be just one little job but more than four and he practically pleaded with me to do them. I was determined not to give in as I explained that I was extremely busy and probably wouldn’t find the time in the foreseeable future. I also mentioned that I was just about seventy-one years old, trying to wind-down but even so my diary was full and that I had personal things to attend to without getting much time to do them. It seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as he once again asked if I could perhaps find the time sometime in the next week. I had to politely end the conversation for fear that I might have succumbed to his persistence. Actually I know I wouldn’t have, I don’t give in to such pressure. Do people think I am a machine which never gets tired? Maybe I am considering what I do!

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