Always different

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Checking the blood pressure by using a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I pay a visit to my doctor’s surgery every six months to have a routine check-up though that usually means only a blood pressure check. I receive what is termed ‘acute’ medication which in essence means they are an essential and long-term prescription. As my body doesn’t produce hormones I have to take them in pill form, though there are other methods too. Taking these hormones (estrogen), or too many of them for too long can be detrimental to health. Increasing the possibility of the chances of developing heart disease or breast cancer are two risks cited by some doctors. Naturally, having high cholesterol develops high blood pressure which further increases the risks of taking hormones. It is therefore necessary to have check-ups now and then. My own cholesterol levels border just above what is considered average though as my doctor kept telling me in my case the risks are lower because I am relatively an active person. I do take Aspirin regularly which is beneficial too. However, even though my records are on display to any doctor or nurse who is tending me at the surgery, there is no consistency in the approach because at each visit I am treated by a different person. The doctor I had for many years retired some five or six years ago and since then I have never seen another doctor on a regular basis. There are usually five doctors and a couple of nurses at the surgery but only one of the doctors has been practicing there since I moved into the neighbourhood way back in 1988. This time I got to see a foreign doctor who I think is an eastern European guy. He was very polite and efficient and I spent only a very short time with him. He prescribed a further six-months supply of my medication which I collect from the local pharmacy a couple of days later. My next visit, unless there is another reason to visit beforehand, will be in May.

Shirley Anne