75px-jinxed_posterSometimes things go well in my work and other times not so well. I go to a house and from beginning to end I am faced with problem after problem as if the house itself were jinxed. We use that term flippantly but I think there is an element of truth in it. As a believer in God I also believe in the devil or if you prefer evil spirits and that being the case if such evil spirits are about, havoc can ensue. Despite what some people say, houses can be inhabited by the forces of evil as can some people. Exorcisms are real events, I have attended one myself. I digress a little however. Little things happen in my work which serve to annoy me, for example, I am installing a replacement light unit only to find some internal part is missing. I effect a repair then discover something else is wrong too. I manage to fix that and move on to the next task and find executing it is difficult in one way or another, limited access, wiring problems and a host of minor irritations are sometimes part of the course. Now I expect problems in my line of work but sometimes certain jobs are replete with them just as if an invisible force is working against me.

English: Warding off Evil Spirits A brief spla...
Warding off Evil Spirits A brief splash of “disinfectant” to ward off foot and mouth. Fortunately the outbreak was distant, at the other end of a neighbouring country – the risk all but non existent. At time of writing the outbreak seemed to be under control – fingers crossed (about as effective as the illustrated activity which had something medieval about it) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I manage to overcome them, I have to else the work would have to be abandoned. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I have called out to God to help me with a problem and in seconds I have it sorted. Maybe you are now thinking she’s lost the plot and it is simply coincidence but I tell you it happens often. If an unseen evil force was working against me it would be incumbent of me to seek assistance from the only one who could help now wouldn’t it? Be that as it may I pray anyway just in case. Earlier in the week, and it is only Wednesday as I write this, I was inundated with work and it all went smoothly. I was tired though. On Wednesday I was rested, full of energy and rearing to go. I had work to do, replace four light units, re-position one of them and add a fifth elsewhere. Lots of things went wrong just like I described above but eventually I had it all done. It was well after one o’clock when I finished so I decided to dine out at a local pub, one of a number of great places to eat hereabouts. Just as I was placing my order my phone rang. I had left an item of equipment at the house, something I have done on two other occasions lately. I cannot place the blame on evil spirits for this, just me getting forgetful! I returned after my lunch to collect it. Fortunately the house was only a half-mile away and more or less on my way home.

Shirley Anne