Surrounded by tits

Lakhovsky: The Convesation; oil on panel (Бесе...
Lakhovsky: The Convesation; oil on panel (Беседа), 51.1 x 61.3 cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people are very talkative and I am no exception. I enjoy conversation but seldom get a chance to speak with anyone these days except while out at work. I was called to a house on Friday morning to check out a faulty light circuit and secure a switch which had been left dangling by its wires by an ‘electrician’, well according to the lady was supposed to be one. He had made an attempt top solve some of her electrical problems and had she said ‘Blown up the wiring’. I think she was exaggerating a little though she did say that had happened some time ago. On his latest visit he refused to take on the work as it was too dangerous and there were bare wires behind the switch. I was surprised she even allowed him back into the house after his last visit. The fault was indeed a simple thing to put right. One of the wires had been trapped against a fixing screw and had short-circuited, blowing itself in two at the same time, though it was hard to tell that at first glance for the wire’s insulation seemed intact. I had the repair done in no time and would have left immediately but she held me in conversation for quite some time. Eventually I had to break in and end it. After she had paid me I drove to the nearest post office to buy a stamp for a letter I was posting but there was a small queue. A middle-aged lady and a slightly older man were ahead of me in the queue. I broke into conversation, small talk at first which became a more in-depth discussion. I often find strangers are quite willing to converse if I open the conversation, and that is what I do as often as not. I think the world would be a better place if we all spoke to one another! What has all this got to do with the title of this post? Well truthfully, nothing at all but I will come to this. Once I had returned home I made myself a coffee and without removing my coat went out onto the patio to sit and drink it. Friday was a still, dull and cloudy day but it wasn’t very cold. I like to sit outside a lot if the weather allows and this morning it did. I was looking up at the tall Lime tree in my neighbour’s garden, the one I have mentioned in a few of my posts, the one which is always dropping some of its branches and twigs into our garden. It stands there bare of leaves now it is the season though it is covered in ivy.

Tits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I looked up I could see tens of tits surrounding its upper branches and darting in and out among them, settling down momentarily to snatch some unsuspecting insect before flitting to another branch. The whole canopy was full of tits all doing the same thing. It was a sight I hadn’t previously experienced and I found myself gawping upward for quite some time. All I can say is there must still be plenty of insects about even at this time of year, which is great for the tits! I collected more apples from the trees before returning indoors to peel and cook them. I wasn’t going to make another pie though, this time the hot partially-cooked apples would be eaten with a topping of cold ice cream………..delicious.

Shirley Anne