It got to me

I'm too tired now...
I’m too tired now… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past couple of weeks my sleeping habits have been quite erratic and I found myself lying in when I ought not have done. Yes, the reason for that was because I was tired but it was at the wrong time. It’s all about routine, work and play then rest but if there is little of the former two then sleep patterns suffer. Once in a while I will set my alarm to ensure I arise early even if I have no work the following day just so I can maintain my routine. So it was that on Sunday morning the alarm had been set to go off at seven forty-five to ensure I didn’t sleep in. So what happened? I awoke at seven-thirty! That’s what usually happens with me, the alarm is really only a standby just in case. Sunday turned out to be a gloriously sunny day but it was cold. After breakfast I went for a walk but halfway through I felt I shouldn’t have, I felt tired and weary even though I’d slept well. I was in half a mind to cut the walk short. This has happened once or twice in the past but each time I dismissed the thought and carried on with the walk. It is a similar experience to those I had when I used to go running, getting through the pain barrier. I found I was beginning to enjoy the walk despite my earlier feelings of tiredness. Even so, by the time I had almost completed my walk all I wanted to do was sit down and rest. I began thinking it was due to my age or perhaps I had been doing too much lately or both those things but after a hot drink of coffee sweetened with honey I perked up. I needed nourishment. I had eaten porridge and fruit for breakfast so shouldn’t have felt hungry and in fact I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. I hadn’t taken into account that in the colder weather I might have needed more energy but on reflection I don’t think that was the problem. I think life got to me!

Later in the afternoon I was sitting in ┬áthe front lounge when there was a knock on the window. I thought E had perhaps forgotten her keys for she had gone out earlier but that wouldn’t be likely, it was my eldest son who had driven over to collect some things and to have a chat. It appears he is becoming dissatisfied with his work as a police officer. He enjoys his work but the excess pressure is getting to him. He and his wife are finding it difficult to raise enough funds with which to purchase their own home and as she hasn’t a full-time job saving is minimal. He has been considering a change in career and had thoughts about qualifying as an electrician! If he can obtain his qualifications, which will be after three years under normal circumstances, he can then become self-employed. I would of course give him all the support I could by ’employing’ him. It might not happen, it is up to him, we’ll have to wait and see but he has worked with me in the past, before his university days. He is well able to do the work.

Shirley Anne