We are experiencing rather unusual weather here in the UK. Tuesday was a cold and frosty day but on Wednesday that changed when the temperature rose  where I live to around 12 deg C. As I write this on Thursday the temperature is around 14 deg C. Most unusual weather for December when the temperature should be around half that. The wind is from the south which explains the higher temperatures but according to the forecast it will veer from the west soon and the weather will become more unsettled and probably cooler.

English: Houseboat One of the many unusual hou...
Houseboat One of the many unusual houseboats on the south of the River Adur. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Thursday morning I was called upon to do an electrical job in a village some twelve miles or more away from home in a house I had worked in on a few occasions in the past. The people living there are quite unusual, that is a little odd, well to me they are. The children have long-since left the nest and now three people live there, the husband, his wife and her mother. The mother is 87 years old but doesn’t look it, in fact she doesn’t act it either! A bit like myself, ahem! The couple are slightly younger than myself and in their mid-sixties. They are nice people and very friendly, a little too friendly if one isn’t used to that when at work. When I arrived I was greeted by the husband, a rather effeminate and slightly built man who has a timid disposition which seems out of character for a man. His wife was too eager to please and she has an apologetic nature. When I entered the house she came over, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. She told me how much she had missed me since my last visit which was in fact more than four years ago. I had only driven there to assess what was needed for the job, replacing recessed lights in a bathroom with LED versions, so that I could go and purchase them. I would then return immediately afterward to install them. She insisted I have a coffee whilst telling me there was no hurry to get the work done. Whilst I was away from the house buying the lights the husband went out too. On my return I set about doing the work and soon after he returned with all the weekly shopping. It appears he wears the skirts and has taken it upon himself to do the shopping every week whilst his wife stays at home! I had nearly finished the work when they both left the house seemingly to dine out judging by the way they were dressed. The mother remained at home to clean the house. I had been paid before they left but I had one other small job to do for them, drill the wall in the hallway and hang a mirror! The man had told me he was useless at DIY and I thought to myself why am I not surprised?…………

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