Hard times

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Hard times for someone like me who only wants to work. For most people this time of year is a very busy time, shopping for Christmas is now over and the festivities themselves will also be over for many too. Still there is time for rest before the return to work and the merry-go-round of life continues. Many will be glad for the break after all the busy days they have just endured. I can only say though that it was all self-inflicted, it was what they wanted to do. Each to their own and no doubt a splendid time was had by all, well maybe. Maybe things turned out as expected or even better, maybe tempers rose and there was friction which upset all the festivities. I hope the latter wasn’t your experience anyway. As for myself there was none of that for reasons I have documented much in the past and also within the past week or so. My problem has been one of boredom, not being able to find much to do over the ‘holiday’ period. I cancelled my advertisement in the local press for three weeks but that was more for financial purposes than a need to rest from my work, though I did need some of that. What would be the point of spending what would be £120 or so for the privilege of getting no calls? I notice other electricians continue to advertise each week of the year but as it is their livelihood, they need to keep advertising. I don’t need to advertise throughout the year as essentially I do not need the same volume of work but just enough to keep me active until I decide finally that I’ve had enough. That however might be far off at the moment because all I want to do is have something to do! At the moment that will be restricted to working at home in whatever capacity will keep me active and relieve the boredom. I have been struggling to find things to do but over the last couple of days I have managed to find something. I am wondering how I will fill the next couple of weeks into the new year. Something will surely turn up………….I hope so.

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